About Anjan Mukherjee

Anjan Mukherjee is an Executive in AI and Machine Learning at ThatWare, a digital marketing firm that leverages advanced AI technologies to enhance SEO and online marketing strategies. Established in 2018, ThatWare has rapidly become a leader in its field, providing innovative solutions that integrate artificial intelligence with digital marketing practices. This integration aims to significantly boost clients' online visibility and ROI through data-driven techniques. Anjan Mukherjee joined ThatWare in 2019 as an SEO Executive to gain in-depth knowledge of SEO activities. He later transitioned to working on AI-SEO projects and played a key role in developing the SAAS-based tool, WebTool, alongside Tuhin Banik. Anjan is also a co-founder of WebTool. In addition to his work on WebTool, he manages various projects at ThatWare.

Anjan Mukherjee plays a pivotal role within the company, contributing his expertise in AI and machine learning to develop and refine these cutting-edge strategies. His work involves creating sophisticated algorithms that analyze data to optimize search engine results and digital marketing campaigns, ensuring that businesses can reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.

ThatWare, founded by Tuhin Banik, focuses on delivering tailored SEO services, digital transformation, and a variety of other digital marketing solutions to a diverse range of clients, from startups to large enterprises. The firm's innovative approach and commitment to leveraging AI for digital marketing have earned it recognition and accolades in the industry, including features in major publications and awards for technological leadership.
Anjan Mukherjee

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