N-gram Analysis 

What is N-gram analysis and its benefits in SEO?                                    

N-grams of texts are extensively used in text mining and natural language processing tasks. They are basically a set of co-occurring words within a given window.

N-gram analysis Example:



Ideal Value For SEO

There have no as such ideal values present in n-gram analysis. The agenda remains simple. We just need to optimize our pages based on the available cloud or chart as per competitive analysis.

ideal value

Working Mechanism:

Create model using n-gram algorithm for your landing page which you want to target and collect all the words.

Based on frequency, extract the probable keywords from landing page. We then fetch all the tri-gram variations from the competitor and then we match it against our landing page and then match for the missing items.

    How to use N-gram Analysis in webtoolFollow below steps for help.


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Insert landing page 

Step 3:

Add competitor &
View Result

How To Fix N-Gram Analysis Issues?

N-Gram analysis is one of the major feature in webtool. Easily can get bi-gram, tri-gram, or uni-gram words. Must ignore non relevant keywords if comes after generating the result. Result will generate after comparison with landing page & competitors. Focus only those keywords which are relevant with the content. Check if that keyword is not present in a particular web page then must add  those keywords which are not present in a particular page. This process helps for keyword identification very easily in a particular page.
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