Semantic Score

Semantic Score and its benefits in SEO                        

In SEO, Semantic score provide an overall score of a keyword to validate its intent specification nature in search. In SEO, better the semantic score, better will be the ranking. Since it will directly trigger Rank Brain Algorithm thereafter a good semantic score will trigger strong ranking signals.


Ideal score for SEO   

There are no ideal values for calculating semantic score, the agenda remains simple. We just need to optimize our pages based on the available semantic score. The more we use, the better we will help in improving the SERP visibility.

Work mechanism                              

We take the landing page and calculate the search term’s frequency, relevancy score, and cosine similarity score by making word cloud, LDA, Cosine similarity algorithm.

Then repeat the above thing for your competitor to check its score. Take single competitor only!

Now test for conditions. If the landing page score is greater or less from the competitors. If the score is greater than no action needed else suggest to add the search terms in the landing page.

 How to use Semantic Score in webtool? Follow below steps for help.              

Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Insert landing page & Keyword

Step 3:

Add competitor &
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