Return & Cancelation Policy  

WebTool claims that we should assist its consumers as far as possible, although no refund under this scheme is available. If the orders were communicated to the sellers/commercials/management team and began the shipping and work process, the cancellation appeal would not be entertained. Orders made in the same-day shipping group are not canceled.
There is no canceled product/service for special events/offers, such as Month end offers, coupon deals, Diwali, Halloweens, etc. There is no canceled service by the (Company Name) marketing staff at special events or events. There are exclusive offers/scheme options/activities, and cancellations are also not necessary. Even though the cancellation is rendered in 12 hours, money charged once shall not be returned in any event.
WebTool shall not take any blame for any shortcomings in operation due to any third party such as a host, server, photos, content writing, etc. Any WebTool effort must be made to coordinate/connect with it, payable according to the organization's standard rate.
If you find that the obtained product is not seen on the website or intend, you must contact our client service within 24 hours of receiving the product. The customer support staff will take the necessary decision after reviewing the complaint.

           Return Policy     

Webtool does not give money return policies when you purchase our goods/services due to their existence. For any cause, if you are not completely satisfied with the order, within 24 hours after you obtain the items, you must contact our customer service. The customer support staff will take the necessary decision after reviewing the complaint.

In the event of effects on rankings due to changes in the ranking algorithm, policy, or functionality of search engines, WebTool cannot be responsible for reimbursement or guarantee of the top search ranking. In the following circumstances.
If the customer uses any other Third-Party SEO tools, WebTool is not responsible for SEO results.
The number of times and location of the site on the search list varies, and thus a move cannot be assured automatically in the search ranking.
Any adverse effects on the classification of customers or third-party service providers hired by changes in the website content.
Our AI SEO services are not guaranteed to be in our customer's website's top ten search rank. However, be aware that we do everything we can to achieve genuinely profitable results and work in your best interest. Our mission is to increase the profits of your life and business.

AI Based SEO Tool Refund policy

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