Co-Occurrence Matrix 

Co-Occurrence Matrix and its benefits in SEO                


Co-occurrence matrix will have specific entities in rows (ER) and columns (EC). The purpose of this matrix is used to find phrase-based indexing of words present in the document.

ideal value

Ideal Value for SEO                                                                                  


 There are no ideal values for co-occurrence matrix, the agenda remains simple. We just need to optimize our pages based on the available analysis. The more we use, the better we will help in improving the SERP visibility. Please bear in mind, don’t over-optimize else it will lead to spamming.

Working Mechanism                                                                             

  Take landing page and find similar types of phrase related with the keyword’s.                                                                                                                                               

             How to Check Co-Occurrence Matrix in webtool ? Follow below steps for help.


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Insert the landing page and keyword 
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