Cora Analysis 

Cora analysis and its benefits                                                                  

Cora analysis is a process of extracting all the information from the URL.
Please bear in mind that if more search terms are targeted; greater will be the SERP visibility. All the Cora analysis done by Spearman & Pearson correlation algorithm.


Ideal Value for SEO

Coefficients range from -1 to +1
∙ A value 0 means the data appears random.

∙ A value near -1 means the more of the factor you have the better you tend to rank. A value near +1 means the more of the factor you have the worse you tend to rank.

Working Mechanism

Extract all the tags information from the site. ∙ Repeat above process for 10 competitors.
∙ Make mean values for competitors result.

∙ Check differences between mean value of competitors and landing page.

∙ Calculate coordinate with the help of Spearman & Pearson correlation algorithm and make the plot.

                      How to  Check CORA in webtool ? Follow below steps for help.                        


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Add landing-page &
add site

Step 3:

Add competitor
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