Website Speed Checker

What is Website speed?

Website speed is a measurement of how fast the website loading infront of user. It check content loading time, graphics loading time and other JS, CSS part of the website. Based on that loading performance of the website generate a overall grade. It helps the user to understand the speed of the website.
Good Condition: 80-100
Average Condition: 50-79
Poor condition: 0-49

How to use Website Speed Checker in webtool ? Follow below steps for help.


Step 1:

Login webtool account.

Step 2:

Add website 

How To Fix The Issue?

Website loading should be first as per user experience. If website load faster way then user experience will be good. Website loading depends on couple of factors just like 

Largest Contentful Paint

Total Blocking Time

Cumulative Layout Shift

Time to First Byte

First Contentful Paint

Fully Loaded Time

Time to Interactive

If all the above factors open smoothly then performance score will be good other wise have to fix 

Reduce Image loading time

Reduce unused JS, CSS

Minimize third-party usage

Resolve CDN issue.

Above all the points should be optimize for improving the loading time.

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