Keyword Overview Analysis 

What is Keyword Overview Analysis?

We can analysis the  organic keywords by giving the URL. Easily can check keywords, mapping URL, keyword density, position and all. Can get idea how many keywords can be occur from the website also easily can get a idea about the keyword position. It helps us for monitoring the keywords activity of a website.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of discovering some keywords which can use in the content. Easily can get a idea about target audience. We can measure the proper position of the website in SERP. Also can analyze the proper competitors details by proper keyword research. 

           How to check Keyword Overview Analysis in webtool? Follow below steps for help.

                  Step 1:

              Login webtool account.

                  Step 2:

              Check Overview of Keywords

                  Step 3:

                 Keyword Research 
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